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Mistress of Evil

Spotlight on this set inspired by Disney's Maleficent. Created by @noodle_yess, a Pamper Pro Artist from LA.

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“Pamper delivered a knowledgeable and artistic manicurist right to my hotel room!”

Idina Menzel

What’s Available Now

Snow Queen

O.P.I. GelColor. Inspired by Disney's Frozen.
Swarovski's Crystals

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The Reds

Classic shades of Red by O.P.I

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The Nudes

Warm neutrals by O.P.I

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Sugar Plum

Frosted pastels in O.P.I GelColor

The Pamper Difference

Pamper is the modern nail salon, built for all the moms, the career women, the nail fanatics, and all the hard working manicurists. We value safety and health above all, and strive for careful attention to detail and efficiency.

Pamper is affordable, convenient, and consistent. Even though life may not always be perfect, we're making sure that your nails are.

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— Vivian Xue

CEO & Founder

Sculpted Nails

No more gluing tips on, ladies! Pamper creates nail enhancements by scultping only! Sculpting creates a true custom fit to your nail size and has long-lasting durability.

Ultra Clean, Safety First

We go above and beyond standards of cleanliness required at the state level. Implements are sanitized by an autoclave and then cleaned again by Barbicide Certified staff members.

The Benefit of Hard Gels

Love wearing acrylics? You'll love hard gels even more! Hard gels are an odorless and more durable solution for nail enhancemenets. Ask your Pamper Pro Artist for details!


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